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j-Trak is Juno Logistics’ proprietary freight operating system that provides customers with 24/7, door-to-door global visibility of their shipments with complete supply chain and purchase order management.

Smart Tracking at Your Fingertips

At every step of your supply chain, j-Trak provides visibility with certainty. With key performance-based tools; planning, executing, measuring and monitoring have never been easier. Take control of your supply chain!


Consolidated information in one simple dashboard offers visual insights into the metrics that define your supply chain.

Purchase Order Management

Initiate your purchase orders via j-Trak and we will coordinate communications with your supplier. Your purchase order is automatically linked as they ship. j-Trak will notify you of order status, including item level tracking.

Shipment Summary and Details

Summary screen shows all key data of a selected shipment including (but not limited to) shipper, consignee, your references, bill of lading, commodity, transport modes, incoterms, origin, destination, item count, and key status milestones. You can also retrieve shipment documents in PDF format.

Comprehensive Search

Don’t remember any numbers linked to your shipment? Not to worry. j-Trak makes quick queries possible by a wide range of criteria using date range, shipper, consignee, origin, destination, and commodity just to name a few. Most frequent searches can be saved for fast access and quick results.

j-Trak is packed with features designed to keep you informed and on top of every shipment.

Container Tracking

Are you shipping multiple containers in one bill of lading or purchase order? Do you need to know which container has that urgent item? View the schedule and contents of each container separately so you can prioritize your most important shipment.

Event Notification

Real-time monitoring and event notification will constantly update you on your shipment status. With flexibility to pick and choose your event and milestone notifications, you can be sure the right information is delivered to you via email or a text message as soon as an event occurs.

Security Measures

Keeping your data secure with encrypted passwords, Microsoft certification, and user assignment options.

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