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Juno Logistics

Our logistics team is ready to handle any global transportation or supply chain scenario. Count on us to handle your ocean, air, or road logistics, while managing purchase order and warehousing needs.
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Customs Brokerage

Juno Customs Solutions

Having an experienced customs brokerage team on your side means you have ongoing and up to date guidance regarding your compliance requirements.
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Project Cargo

Juno Project Cargo

Oversize, overweight, and dimensionally challenging cargo pose unique obstacles for heavy haul shippers. With Juno’s proven experience, we can help foresee and avoid potential roadblocks to help complete successful and timely projects.
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“Our wholesale team has been ecstatic for this partnership with Juno. We definitely would not have been able to meet (our distributor’s) timeline had it not been for Juno’s experience and business connections.”
Michelle Potter
Sourcing & Logistics Manager


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Hong Kong Now Facing Section 301 Tariffs

Under a notice published by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in August, 2020, the ability for manufacturers in Hong Kong to avoid Section 301 tariffs on Chinese products is no longer allowed.

Transition from NAFTA to USMCA

In May, the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative stated enough compliance measures had been taken by participating countries to allow the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement