Juno Project Cargo

When it Comes to Specialized Cargo

(We Think Big)

Size (and shape) matters, but so does experience, planning, and attention to detail. Juno Project Cargo does it all.


Any complex shipping project begins with good intentions that need good advice to make them happen. With project cargo shipments, weight restrictions, cargo design, and routing options all come into play. Consulting with a Juno expert can help determine the best financial and physical path to follow.


Preliminary planning is key to any successful project cargo delivery. The most direct route on a GPS isn’t much good if your cargo can’t fit under an overpass along the way. Carefully assessing Federal and State regulatory requirements and, if necessary, obtaining a comprehensive engineering report for dimensional and weight restrictions is the first important step in the planning process. Juno’s experts will develop a transportation proposal that stays within budget while identifying obstacles before they become problems.

International Freight

Transportation of Project Cargo shipments must follow all the steps of any other international shipment with one big exception: additional accommodations must be made to address oversized, heavy, or uniquely shaped cargo. Juno has the experience and connections to ensure your special shipment is properly prepared and loaded for transportation.


Peace of mind knowing your shipment is being transported and arriving in good condition is one of our top concerns. Juno’s expert loading and discharge supervision helps protect the quality, integrity and safety of your shipment throughout the supply chain journey. You can rely on Juno to provide constant and direct communication over the course of the project.
19 axel truck

Inland Transport

For heavy loads, oversized, flatbed equipment or project freight, Juno’s domestic forwarding experts consult with our customers to provide you with the most efficient method to get your freight to its final destination. We are familiar with all types of live load, drop and pull, drop and swap, chassis, and special tri-axle shipment requirements.


Transportation of oversized or specialty equipment to its final destination is only the first step. At Juno we have the experience and connections to find the right equipment to unload and install your machinery.

Juno Project Cargo

Project Plan Highlights

Load Plan
Create and organize warehouse load-in plan and communicate data for timely and cost-sensitive delivery.
Delivery Sequence
Establish delivery sequence so parts arrive in a logical order as needed.

Site Visit
Coordinate a site visit with the carrier to confirm vehicle access and best routing.
Package Specs
Calls with client to understand packaging specifications.

Confirm permit status for wide loads and multi-axle trailers.

Monitor truck loading and discharge process.

Driver Instructions
Communicate with each driver to relay specific customized delivery instructions.
Destination Delivery
Coordinate delivery schedule at destination site.

Organize necessary rigging, site preparation, and debris removal.