Juno Logistics

Warehouse Management

Juno finds flexible warehouse solutions to address changing needs.

Nationwide warehousing connections

Flexible and scalable warehouse solutions are necessary when customer expectations change, and business must be scaled accordingly. Juno has connections to nationwide warehousing services available to meet changing demands.

Warehousing considerations

Let Juno’s experts help determine your unique warehousing needs to find the best solution. We can help examine:

  • Inbound Freight: Whether international or domestic, Juno can offer comprehensive transportation solutions into your nominated or selected warehouse.
  • Inventory Control and Fulfillment: The right size, location, and type of warehouse will be identified based on your business requirements, helping you with inventory control and fulfillment.
  • Outbound Orders: Assistance with outbound orders and distribution can be managed via truckload, less than truckload, or courier services.
  • Return Program or Reverse Logistics: Valued-added operations to increase positive customer experiences can be added to accommodate your product return program.

China Warehousing

Implementing a China warehouse and distribution program can significantly improve your global supply chain, increase sales, and reduce overall costs. Juno Logistics can customize a program to establish, execute, and facilitate a complete warehouse solution in the key manufacturing and shipping regions of China. Whether it is general warehousing, independently bonded warehousing, or a licensed general warehouse that is customs bonded in a Free Trade Zone, we can find a solution in China.

“Juno has connections to nationwide warehousing services available to meet changing demands.”

Louis Schmitt, Operations Manager