Juno Logistics

Our Expertise is Plane to Sea

(And Everything in Between)

Juno Logistics is a global logistics provider of comprehensive supply chain solutions in air, ocean, and road.

Cargo ship, airplane, and domestic freight truck.

Global Transportation

Transportation management is a key component of your global business success. Juno’s knowledgeable and experienced logistics professionals and advisors will help customize the right solution that is unique to your business. 

Global Supply Chain

Juno’s advanced innovation in technology can help boost your company’s supply chain performance. Increased visibility to the status of your purchase orders and integration of your TMS with warehousing operation has direct link to efficiency and productivity.

Intelligent Tracking

The best of both worlds. Advanced digital tools monitored by experienced professionals, delivering location and status updates to the right people in your company, at the right time. 

We provide custom tracking reports to our customers specifications, saving your time, and making you look good, while providing genuine insight into your supply chain operations. 
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Juno Logistics

Importing Process

PO Issued
First official offer from buyer to external supplier specifying type, quantity, and agreed price for product.
Booking Request
Once order is complete, transportation arrangements are made specifying price, time, and liability. It also addresses cargo details, sailing schedule, load plan, and equipment needed.
ISF Filing/Vessel Details
ISF (Import Security Filing) must be registered with U.S. Customs and Border Protection to declare specific data about the imported goods. This must be received by CBP at least 24 hours prior to loading.
Shipment Visibility
Juno’s proprietary web-based freight management system, j-Track, provides 24/7, door-to-door visibility of your shipments. It confirms booking instructions were followed, alerts for any delays, and tracks milestones.
Customs Clearance
Involves preparation and submission of import documents, customs examination, assessment, duty payment, and more. Juno’s EntryInsight helps track POs, sales invoices, Bill of Entry, Bill of Lading, Packing List, Certificate of Origin, and more.
At the Port of Discharge, a vessel unloads some or all of its shipments. These are then dispatched to their consignees for transportation to final delivery destination.
Driver Instructions
Communicate with each driver to relay specific customized delivery instructions.
Destination Delivery
Coordinate delivery schedule at destination site.