Entry Insight

Entry Insight is the first modern brokerage portal for importers.

Juno Customs Solutions is dedicated to helping identify compliance vulnerabilities and mitigating risks. Demonstrate due diligence and reasonable care with JCS‘ next-generation brokerage portal Entry Insight, custom-built for importers with state-of-the-art recordkeeping and entry management solutions.

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Entry Insight Dashboard

Customs Brokerage Reimagined

Entry Insight is packed with features designed to keep you on top of everything to manage your imports. It provides a view of your Customs Bond, Power of Attorney (POA), Commercial Documents, and Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) classification documents needed to keep your shipment legal and compliant with US Customs laws and statutes.

Custom Dashboard

Entry Insight provides a complete view of your entire entry organized with data split into multiple tabs. From the Dashboard you can customize your data to view year-to-date import activity. It also includes:

  • Visualized summary of import activity
  • Real-time customs entry status
  • Entries by mode of transportation
  • Detailed monthly summary
  • Data export capabilities
  • Compliance snapshot
  • Unlimited customs entries queries
  • Duty and tax information
  • Multiple search criteria

Document Management

Keep track of important files with Entry Insight’s robust document management capabilities:

  • ISF filing and results
  • House Bill of Lading
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing list
  • Entry documents (7501 and 3461/ACE results)
  • Other certifications, licenses, and permits
  • Secure by design (2FA enabled by default)

Compliance Services

Customs officials can demand documents at any time.  Entry Insight keeps you prepared for unexpected audits.

  • Power of Attorney report
  • Customs Bond status
  • HTS classification and expiration alerts
  • Product database and product catalog maintenance

View/Print Reports

  • Entry reports
  • HTS reports
  • Duty reports
  • Cost reports