Warehouse and Delivery Logistics – Cleveland Q-Arena

To help build the Q Arena in Cleveland, Juno's project engineering team engaged with multiple partners to deliver over 1,244 panes of glass with 0% breakage.
Warehouse - Q Arena glass

Mention “job site,” “street permits,” “early morning,” “open-top container,” or “glass” to some logistics professionals and you might see them running for the hills. Not at Juno. These phrases are practically tattooed on our DNA. These are the types of challenges we love to conquer!

The following project showcase outlines how Juno’s project engineering team engaged with manufacturing plants abroad, installation crews, and countless other personnel to review the loading schema and project stages across all phases of delivery. Factory production and installation sequence were unsynchronized, and neither FIFO/LIFO would suffice due to the specialized nature of this cargo. Juno’s experts had to create a storage and inbound/outbound handling plan that would ensure immediate access to mission critical cargo throughout project timeline. Site variability and third-party delays were also factored into the rendered solution. The material handling plan ensured fragile and unwieldy pieces were handled as little as possible. The result: This project boasted a breakage rate of 0%. Furthermore, Juno arranged almost 40 early morning, precision-loaded deliveries to the site, bringing approximately 1.26 million pounds of materials destined to redefine the Cleveland skyline.


Insulated Glass

Commercial Value

$1,700,000 USD

From — To

Port of Bremerhaven to Cleveland
via NY, NJ, and VA ports

Country of Origin


Number of Trucks

  • Inbound FCL container loads: 32
  • Individual crates handled: 416
  • Total Panes of Glass: 1,475
  • Unique SKU’s: 49
  • Panes broken during transportation/handling: 0

Transit Times

  • Shipping Period: April – July 2018
  • Receipts at Destination: May – August 2018
  • Deployments to Jobsite: November 2018 – March 2019
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