Manufacturing Equipment From MD to IN

Juno Logistics safely completed the delivery of a 3000 MT Tandem Press to a Toyota Tier 1 Supplier located in Jamestown, Indiana.

In order to facilitate the delivery of the 3000 MT Tandem Press, Juno was in constant contact with numerous state transportation agencies, as well as state trooper posts from multiple jurisdictions. Many months of meticulous planning led to the successful delivery of 88 truckloads of goods to the customer, many of which required specialized permits to haul the cargo.  The Juno Project Cargo team completed all deliveries on time with zero damage.  This was a total team collaboration, and the customer was thrilled with the results.


Press Machine

From — To

Port of Baltimore, MD – USA

Number of Trucks

88 — 3 x 19 Axle, 2 x 13 Axle, 1 x 11 Axle, and 5 x 7 Axle. The remaining were standard legal flatbed shipments.

Commercial Value

$13,500,000 USD

Transit Time

June 12 — July 10, 2019

Country of Origin

Rigging discharge large cargo
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