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GSP Current Status & Future Planning

The Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) program expired at the end of 2020 so that leaves the duty-free treatment of certain U.S. imports from developing countries in limbo.

Transition from NAFTA to USMCA

Used in Juno Customs Solutions Update Newsletter — Issue 25 – June 25, 2020 Transition from NAFTA to USMCA In May 2020, the Office of

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What You Should Know About Incoterms

What are Incoterms? Incoterms (International Commercial Terms) are a set of globally recognized trade rules, guidelines and shipping terms published by the International Chamber of

Project Cargo: Plan for Success

What is Project Cargo? Since you are reading this article, it is a pretty safe bet you have some idea of what “project cargo” means—at