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Complex delivery projects require expert advice.

Regular Freight vs. Project Cargo

Not all freight can be transported the same way. When you think of regular or standard, domestic or international freight, what may first come to mind is cargo that can be transported in what we call “standard” equipment, such as ocean containers or truck trailers. Any cargo that is oversized, overweight, or is shaped in a dimensionally challenging way is categorized as Project Cargo.

Why you need Juno's expertise

Project cargo may consist of a single unique shipment, or it can be a multi-month, multi-year project that involves large volume of freight over time from various origin points.

It also may require following compliance regulations for international trade or obtaining permits for over-road transportation.

Expert knowledge and experience are critical when developing a project plan. Juno has the track record to prove we can handle any size challenge. Our team can help you avoid pitfalls before they happen.

“Expert knowledge and experience are critical when developing a project cargo plan.”

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