Juno Logistics

Air Freight

Urgent freight solutions for your precious cargo

When Timing is Everything

Time critical freight needs can occur at moment’s notice. You needed it here yesterday. The factory is about to shut down due to shortage of parts, there may be a sudden surge in customer sales and short in inventory, or an unexpected broken machinery may need urgent replacement parts. Juno can offer a variety of solutions for your consideration. We can offer Direct Cargo and Expedited Flights, Air Charters and Hand Carry Services for your most sensitive shipments.

Individualized Service

From the moment of your initial inquiry, our experienced experts at Juno will decipher and offer solutions that will meet your unique situation. Seasonal fluctuations and market conditions can also greatly impact the solutions of the time.

Understanding documentation needs for export and import customs declarations, transfer of air shipment seamlessly to expedited road freight equipment and drivers are all part of the complex service we can tailor fit to your business. 

Our experienced team will overcome constraints and obstacles. Juno is up to any challenges meeting tight deadlines covering thousands of miles across the globe!   

Air Charter Service

When time is of the essence, Juno can arrange and charter flights to meet your business needs. Our network of partners have aircraft positioned throughout the United States and most charters can be arranged within a few hours. International charters are also available upon request.

  • Priority Handling
  • Dedicated Customer Service Team throughout entire shipment movement
  • End-to-End Visibility with Milestone updates
  • Door to Door delivery
  • All major airports