Harmonized Tariff Schedules

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Our experts in trade compliance and customs regulations help navigate the complex and challenging paths of international trade.

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Customs Clearances

Juno Customs Solutions can help track and coordinate all phases of the customs clearance process at all points of entry, no matter if it’s by ocean, air, or road. We also offer after-hours and weekend clearance services for urgent shipments. We make it our business to keep your freight moving.

We bring clarity to your supply chain and give you the expertise you need.

Consultation Services

In collaboration with your supply chain team, Juno Customs Solutions can help review your trade processes, conduct classification projects, examine current compliance status, and provide recommendations and training.

Consolidating and automating your trade information may result in savings and overall process efficiencies. Our Customs and Trade Compliance Managers are licensed customs brokers and ready to help.

Customs Brokerage Reimagined

EntryInsight is the first modern brokerage portal for importers providing a comprehensive overview of all your data.

Take control of:

  • Document management
  • Your HTS classification database
  • Landed cost calculations
  • Customized reports by entry, supplier, country of origin, and more

Learn about EntryInsight

The state-of-the-art brokerage portal for importers.

Juno Customs Solutions

Understanding Reasonable Care

Access to CBP Regulations
From the USHTS, to the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) publications; having access to the most current information and websites helps facilitate compliance with customs laws and regulations.
Review Documentation
Have a responsible and knowledgeable individual within your organization, or a trusted partner, to review all documents that are submitted to CBP. This type of review would provide accurate/timely appraisals or corrections if needed.
Track Assistance
Keep a written record of any assistance you receive when being advised about customs requirements. Discuss importations in advance and ask for the full and complete information about every transaction
Compliance Procedures
Having a customs compliance program and procedures will help ensure that your entries are submitted correctly. Be sure they accessible to all employees who are involved in the importation process
Transaction Handling
Be sure identical transactions or merchandise handling are treated the same across all ports or Centers of Excellence. If there are irregularities, bring this to the attention of the appropriate CBP officials.



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