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Juno has the partners, connections, and experience to handle any global logistics need.

Logistics Experience from A to Z

From the “A” for apples in agriculture to the “Z” for zero in zero emission vehicles in automotive, Juno has the broad industry experience to handle virtually any logistical need or situation.


The U.S. automobile industry has a significant impact on the country’s economy and spans all 50 states. Beyond the actual manufacturing of cars and other vehicles, there are thousands of companies supplying automotive parts, components, and materials to and from around the world.

Whether it is the support of your JIT requirements, domestic milk runs, or the new USMCA trade agreement that replaced NAFTA as the trilateral free trade agreement between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico; Juno is here to support your challenges.

For greater transparency between your OEM and measuring supplier performance; contact our Automotive Expert today.

“Juno has the broad industry experience to handle virtually any logistical need or situation.”


The U.S. agriculture markets require a comprehensive logistics strategy that involves multi-modal transport. Developing an enhanced freight plan with flexible options for both international or domestic transport is vital to having a successful execution of agriculture transport solutions.

Juno’s specialized solutions using equipment and trailers to accommodate various agricultural goods with challenging timelines will position your company with the ability to make business decisions that will give you a competitive edge.


Logistics in the construction industry is a vital component of project success as the arrival of material on time and undamaged is critical to the installation crews. Idle equipment and workers is costly and avoidable.

At Juno, we have years of experience working with project managers to create effective timelines to prevent unnecessary delays and interruptions.
In addition to transportation and warehousing, our experts focus on the management of safety and any risk.

Health and Hygiene

Juno understands the critical needs of healthcare supply chain efficacies. We can offer time sensitive, temperature controlled, and just in time solutions that are key components driving quality and value.
Our team will streamline the logistics model with more efficient workflows and clear visibility to your supply chain.


Equipment manufacturers are the backbone of economic recovery in the U.S. as industrial sectors of all kinds– manufacturing, agriculture, energy, construction, and retail– must all depend on equipment to rent or purchase. Our team is experienced and devoted to offer logistics solutions to support your growing needs and expectations. Juno constantly promotes safe and efficient transportation practices by offering reliable solutions for packaging and crating. We also have access to various specialized and oversized equipment movements and installation.
Count on Juno Logistics to support your international and domestic requirements for any size operation or project.


Juno Logistics has an experienced team that has worked with government agencies and groups for solar power, gas energy, mining material, and special plant material projects. Our team has been developing and implementing a logistics/project plan which will be aligned with your business requirements.

Whether it is to the port or to door inland to your final delivery site, Juno is here to assist with your energy transport needs.


Retail logistics requires carefully planned transport and execution of your finished goods to your final-end customer and/or distribution and fulfillment centers. Supply chain requirements of U.S. based retailers can be stringent, making the last mile of delivery the most critical segment of retail transportation. With Juno, you can count on our years of experience to truly understand this sector. Our team can offer solutions and transport options to overcome any supply chain challenges including vendor management support, distribution, fulfillment and white glove transportation and delivery.

Today, consumers expect speed, reliability, and visibility of their orders. Juno Logistics can be your strategic partner to meet the fast pace requirements of the retail business.