Getting space on ships next year the biggest worry for the logistics sector

Getting space on ships next year the biggest worry for the logistics sector

Securing space on containerships is viewed as the biggest challenge for the logistics sector going into 2022, according to an industry survey.

A poll of 800 logistics companies by online equipment trading platform Container xChange reveals that for 53% of respondents, finding slots on vessels is by far the biggest concern for businesses, followed by carrier surcharges, at 22%, and labour shortages, 19%.

“The survey results indicate that the industry is expecting gloomy times for container logistics,” says the report.

Container xChange said the industry was “downbeat” on the expected performance of the supply chain next year, with 54% of respondents expecting it to remain as bad, and 11% suggesting it will deteriorate further.

As a consequence, 71% of respondents to the poll said they were “rethinking their logistics strategy” and proactively seeking more sourcing options, while at the same time deciding to hold more inventory.

Moreover, to mitigate carrier equipment rationing, half were resorting to organising their own supply of boxes, opting for one-way leasing of containers, while 28% eyed negotiating longer-term lease hires directly with providers and 22% purchasing their own containers.

The inefficiencies of container lines in matching supply to demand was blamed by 28% of the respondents for box shortages, although “shippers using boxes as storage” was seen as the biggest culprit by 42%.

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