Panama-flagged MV ‘Ever Given’ container ship sails along Egypt’s Suez Canal near the canal’s central city of Ismailia. — © AFP Complexity in the supply chain often arises when a number of relatively straightforward activities combine together in a complex way. This is especially the case with shipping . While there have been several technological breakthroughs that have aided shipping, from tag and trace to blockchain, to achieve further technological solutions would be of great benefit to the global sector. Many analysts believe this to be, in the near future, quantum computing. On this basis, many companies are investing […]

Yet, as research into quantum computing continues to advance, this is something that major shipping firms need to begin to plan for. Furthermore, once the technology becomes available to global markets, it has the potential to offer significant return on investment and solutions for supply chain professionals especially.

On this basis, many companies are investing in quantum computing as the solution that could optimize shipping routes in the face of changing and unpredictable conditions. In addition, the amass of qubits could help with the discovery of new materials, and to help shipping firms determine option pricing quickly and accurately.