LM Viewpoint: The State of Logistics 2021

LM Viewpoint: The State of Logistics 2021

Transportation in the News State of Logistics 2021: Air Cargo State of Logistics 2021: Ocean Cargo State of Logistics 2021: Rail/Intermodal State of Logistics 2021: Less than Truckload (LTL) LM Viewpoint: The State of Logistics 2021 More Transportation News Establishing the warehouse of the future through cloud-based warehouse and yard management Join us to discuss the new era of fulfillment being driven by the digitally savvy consumer. All Resources As the world continues to ease back into what we remember as normal, Logistics Management is staying the course by devoting a large portion of the July issue to the […]

According to Schulz, a few themes called out in the report match up well with the silver linings that we’ve been highlighting in our pages over the past year—upbeat takeaways on logistics performance, automation adoption, and the move toward improved resilience.

Second, LM kept hearing and reporting on how the situation was acting as a great “accelerator” for the adoption of new software and automation necessary to streamline logistics operations to meet unprecedented e-commerce demands—especially in the face of shrinking labor availability.

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