5 Ways to Improve Logistics Operations Using Technology

by Shannon Flynn

After more than a year of widespread disruptions, supply chain and logistics operations are starting to regain pre-pandemic productivity. About 72 percent of executives surveyed by EY say Covid-19 had an overall negative impact , so the year ahead will be one of rebuilding and growth. It’s the perfect opportunity to improve logistics for any company. The past year and a half have revealed where many supply chains’ weaknesses lie. New technologies have likewise shown the way forward. Here are five ways you can use technology to improve your logistics. Increase visibility with IoT and blockchain […]

A lack of transparency is one of the most significant obstacles logistics operations face today. Internet of Things (IoT) sensors can provide needed visibility, letting companies track products and their condition throughout the supply chain. This includes monitoring factors like temperature and vibrations remotely to ensure product safety.

Similarly, you can use machine learning models to analyze supply chain data and suggest improvements. If you want to boost logistics operations in any meaningful way, you’ll have to embrace continuous improvement. Using data analytics reveals where your paths to ongoing optimization lie.

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