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Why Juno?  Because no one does it better.  

  • Dedicated Customer Service Team – no centralized customer service
    We will designate a dedicated customer service team who will know about your shipments from the beginning to end

  • 24/7 Visibility via j-TRAK  – stay connected to your shipments
    Our proprietary j-Trak system offers our customers the flexibility to access shipment information at anytime from anywhere in the world

  • Experts in Documentation Handling – any questions about import and export
    Our vast knowledge of international and domestic shipping can assist you with your questions on documentation

  • Unlimited Access to all Major Gateways and Ports  – the world is more accessible with Juno
    We have access to over 120 domestic and international gateways and ports with many service options to choose from

  • Managing your Purchase Orders  – take control of your inventory
    j-Trak’s Purchase Order Management System can provide you up to date PO status.  We contact your supplier, we tell you when it is ready, where it is in transit, all the way to delivery. 

  • Scanned Documents including Proof of Delivery (POD)
    All relative documents pertaining to your shipment is available via PDF on line via our secured j-Trak site.